How do I use template variables to automatically insert information from SuperOffice CRM into a document template?

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How do I use template variables to automatically insert information from SuperOffice into a document template?


To be able to use information from SuperOffice CRM in the documents, which you generate from SuperOffice, you need create a document template with template variables. Please check this FAQ to learn how to create a new document template. To find a list of all template variables that can be used in documents check this help file or in the SuperOffice Community article.

For you to succeed when creating and using document template with variables, we want to share with you some tips:

  1. When you are typing in a template variable in the new document, we recommend to start by creating brackets {} and then inserting a variable text inside the brackets.
  2. When you want your document template insert an information from the fields, which you created in SuperOffice CRM yourslef, you will have to find a variable name first. To find the variable open Settings and Maintenance, then click on Fields (1) and choose the tab where field was created (2). Then find the field name in the list (3) and double-click to open it.

    In the bottom of the dialog you'll find the template variable name (4) of the information stored in this field.

    Note! If for some reason template variable does not work, please try to delete it, save the document. Then open the document and type in the template variable again.

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