How do I copy a contact from Mobile CRM app to the Contact list in my mobile device or in the cloud account?

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I want to copy my contacts from Mobile CRM to my mobile phone’s contact list. How do I do it?



To copy a contact from Mobile CRM app to your contact list, please follow the steps below:
  1. Find a contact that you want to copy from SuperOffice Mobile CRM.

  2. Open the contact and then tap on the Task button. Allow the app to access your contacts by tapping on the Allow button.

  3. Press Task (1), and then tap on the Copy to contact list on your device (2) option.

  4. Tap the Local device (1), if you want to save the contact in your phone’s contact list. Tap on the email account (2), if you want to copy the contact into your contact list associated with the account.

  5. When the contact is successfully copied to your local address book, you will receive a notification on the screen of your device. Click OK to finish.


Mobile CRM app is available for all customers who are working with SuperOffice version 9. If you work with an older version of SuperOffice CRM, you can use the Pocket CRM application


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Video: How to copy contacts from Pocket CRM to the contact app on your phone

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