How do I create, edit, and access documents and e-mails on the Mobile CRM app?

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How do I create, edit, and access documents and e-mails on the Mobile CRM app? 


Please follow the instructions in the sections below: 


Access documents and e-mails 
You can access all documents and e-mails on your Mobile CRM. They are stored in the dedicated panel in the Company, Contact, Sale and Project screens. Simply click on the document tab  and tap on the document (1) or e-mail (2) you want to see.

If you do this on iOS device - documents will be opened for preview automatically.

If you do this on Android device - you will see Unable to show the content of this document. Try to tap share and select another application to view this document. Then click on the download button (1) and select an app (2) on your device, which should be used for opening documents.

E-mails will be open for preview automatically on both iOS and Android devices.

Create documents and e-mails 

You have limited functionality for creating documents. At the bottom of the document tab  there is a button New document.

When you tap on it, the application allows you to upload an image of the document (not the document file). You can either make an instant picture by tapping on the Add image from camera (1) option or uploading an image that you took before by tapping on Add image from gallery (2).

You can easily create e-mails on your Mobile CRM, please follow the instructions in this FAQ

Edit documents and e-mails 

You have limited functionality for editing documents. You only can edit the document after downloading it to your device. Then you can either send it by e-mail or keep the changed document on your mobile device.  
Note! Document changes won’t be visible for other users in SuperOffice CRM.

Quick actions on documents and e-mails  

You can also make some quick actions on your documents and e-mails without opening the record.  
Simply slide the document or e-mail item to the left and there you’ll get quick action options.

On an e-mail record you can get the following actions under Task (1) button: Reply all, Forward, Edit properties, Delete or Reply (2). 

On a document record you can get the following actions under Task (1) button: Edit properties, Send as e-mail, Delete document, or simply Download it (2).

Mobile CRM app is available for all customers who are working with SuperOffice version 9. If you work with an older version of SuperOffice CRM, you can use the Pocket CRM application.

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