What to do when I get an error "The user could not be changed for the following reasons Open or postponed requests:" while trying to remove access to SuperOffice CRM?

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I try to take away login rights from a user but I get this error:

"The user could not be changed for the following reasons Open or postponed requests:"

Why does it happen and how do I fix it? 


The error comes up when the user has open requests assigned to him/her in SuperOffice Service. To be able to remove the login access you have to either unassign or reassign all open requests, which this user has before you can remove access right. Please follow the steps below to do it:

  1. Click on the Request (1) button in the navigator, then on the Find requests option (2).

  2. In the field, Owner is one of (1) select the user who needs to have access removed and in Internal status equals (2) select Open status and click on Search (3) button.

  3. Click on the tick box (1) at the top of the request list screen to select all the requests that this user has and click on Actions, Batch management, and Change (2).

  4. Then add a tick next to Request Owner (1) and from the drop-down list choose another user who should get the open requests or choose to leave them unassigned and click on the OK (2) button to make this change on all selected requests.

    Now requests should be moved from the user and you can remove access to the user in Settings and Maintenance once more.

More information:

FAQ: How do I reassign a SuperOffice licence from an old user to a new one? 

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