What do I do when I get an error while sending an e-mail from SuperOffice Inbox?

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When sending an e-mail from SuperOffice I get one of the error messages:

Error: 550 5.7.60 SMTP; Client does not have permissions to send as this sender or Error: 554 5.7.1 Username doesn't match.

If the popups are blocked on the Chrome, you might get only:

Cannot read property 'getData' of null

Why does it happen and how do I fix it? 


SuperOffice Inbox or Pocket, uses the primary e-mail address from your contact card as "From:". The error occurs when SMTP server of your e-mail account, which is configured in SuperOffice Inbox, does not have permission to "Send as" or "On behalf of" your primary e-mail address.


The are two possible solutions to solve this issue: 

  1. Your primary e-mail address needs to be the same as e-mail address that your SMTP account (Inbox) is configured with.

  2. Configure your e-mail account which is set up in SuperOffice Inbox, so it will allow you to send mails on behalf of your primary e-mail address.


More information:

FAQ: How to configure email folder names in the SuperOffice Inbox?

Microsoft Documentation: Give mailbox permissions to another user in Office 365 - Admin Help

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