What to do when I cannot send an e-mail and get a notification "No current e-mail account" on my Mobile CRM app?

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I try to send an e-mail using my Mobile CRM, but I get a notification "No current e-mail account". Why do I get it, and how do I fix it?


The message pops up when e-mail settings are not configured. Please follow the steps below to configure them:

  1. Click OK on the information message and you will land on the E-mail settings screen.

  2. Tap on the E-mail client field and there you can choose to use either System default (1) or SuperOffice (2) e-mail client.

    • If you choose to use the System default e-mail client then next time you send an e-mail you will get an option to choose the default system e-mail application.

    • If you choose to use the SuperOffice e-mail client please follow the instructions below:

More information

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Version: 9.1 CRM Online R01 (2020.06.15-03)→
Product: Pocket CRM
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