How do I create a web panel to access another system or website on the Mobile CRM app?

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I would like to see all publicly accessible information about the company's stored in CRM in a separate tab on my Mobile CRM app. How can I set it up? 


You can easily create a web panel displaying any website accessible on the internet. In addition, you can adjust the website URL, that it would automatically fill in the known data of the company from Mobile CRM data. 

In this example, we will show you, how to create a web panel, which would automatically show information about the company from the D&B Hoovers – the world's largest commercial database:

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the Task button on the left side of the screen and choose the item Settings from the menu.

  2. In the Settings, tap on the Web panels and links option.

  3. Tap the Add button.

  4. In Name (1) field, - fill in the name of the web panel, in URL (2) – insert the link to a website you want to display.

    In this example, we want that web panel to display the information about the company in Hoovers website, that is why we are creating a URL with company’s name variable as a search parameter in URL.<name>

    Since we want to open a website in the web panel, the Task type (3) should stay WWW tab and as Location (4) we choose Company screen. Tap on the Save (5) button to store the settings.

  5. Navigate to the company’s record and slide menu buttons to the left until you see globe symbol, tap on it to see the web panel you just created.

    Note! The app uses icons and rank of Web Panels that are created using Settings and Maintenance and published for mobile devices. The web panels set up in Settings and Maintenance as default appears in front of the ones set up on the app. Please check this FAQ to learn how to create a web panel in SuperOffice CRM.

More information

FAQ: How do I add a new web panel in SuperOffice?


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Version: 9.1 CRM Online R01 (2020.06.15-03)→
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