What do I do when I experience issues with the SuperOffice CRM 8 Web version on the latest Chrome 86 version browser?

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After installing Chrome (86.0.4240.75) or Edge Chromium (86.0.622.38) I have started having issues with appointment management and opening tool menus. How do I fix it? 


After installing Chrome v. 86 or the latest Edge Chromium v. 86 together with the rest of Google community, we see that some JavaScripts are failing in the SuperOffice 8.x Web client. To address this issue, we have prepared a list of fixes that needs to be applied based on SuperOffice version in use:

  1. Upgrade SuperOffice CRM installation to 8.5 R15 HotFix. To download it, please click here.

    Note! The original 8.5 R15 Web Installer has been replaced with a new one. Installations already running 8.5 R15 only need to run the Web installer. If you do not have experience with upgrading SuperOffice installations we recommend this to be performed by SuperOfice consultants.

  2. Or upgrade the current 8.x installation to 9.1.

    Note! Please contact your SuperOffice sales contact to get more information as the upgrade to version 9 slightly differs from the previous upgrades.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions are optional, you can either choose to use another non-chromium-based browser or fix this issue in your current version of SuperOffice by replacing a piece of JavaSript code. Below are explained the two ways of how to do it. Option 1 is applicable only when using the latest release of 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and 8.5 SuperOffice versions. For earlier releases of these versions, please use option 2.


  • After replacing a piece of JavaScript code you might experience a known issue. Please check this bug report for more information.
  • We strongly recommend this item to be downloaded and implemented by your local IT. Upon your request, SuperOffice support agent can assist your IT responsible for making these changes.
  1. To download and use ready-made single-file-fix, please download the attachment of this FAQ according to your SuperOffice version in use. After the file is renamed to default.min.js and copied to SuperOffice Web\JavaScripts folder (and overwrites the existing one) the IT person should run iisreset on the IIS server, or restart the SuperOffice App pool, and the new file will be loaded. All the attached files have edited "Date modified" attribute so will be safely overwritten during an upgrade.

    Note! The read-made files are made for the latest release of each SuperOffice version. For all other releases of each version you need to follow alternative below. 
  2. Patch the SuperOffice Web\JavaScripts\default.min.js file by manually search/replace content in the file on the Web server. To patch the default.min.js file you can use the fixed registerLeftClickContextMenu function, which you can download from the attachment section of the FAQ. Simply replace the whole function and after the file has been patched, please run iisreset on the IIS server, or restart the SuperOffice App pool.

    Note! Please make sure that a copy of the existing file before applying changes is made.

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8.0.6465  application/x-zip-compressed 
8.1.6536  application/x-zip-compressed 
8.2.6689  application/x-zip-compressed 
8.3.6810  application/x-zip-compressed 
8.4.7038  application/x-zip-compressed 
8.5.7458  application/x-zip-compressed  application/x-zip-compressed 


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